Delilah still doesn’t leave the party

Like a song about balloons, held closely could erupt … indicates that all things are limited. Someone named, Delilah, loves tearing up tradition. He likes to Burn the spirit of his friends to go forward on a par, then at the moment of lust fighting is reached, interests and dreams comes trues, at a time when the party had ended, Delilah still doesn’t leave the party.

Ibarat sebuah lagu tentang balon, yang dipegang erat bisa meletus.. menunjukkan bahwa Segala hal terbatas. Makhluk yang bernama, Delilah, suka merobek tradisi. Dia suka membakar semangat teman-temannya untuk maju setara. Lalu di saat nafsu berjuangnya tercapai, kepentingan dan impian tergapai.. Di saat pestapun sudah usai, Delilah tak ingin pulang dari pesta

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