Indonesia, a multicultural country has a rich culture that is still preserved. One of the royal culture is where I live, Yogyakarta. The king who is usually called Sultan, served by waitresses who called Abdi Dalem.
“Abdi” derived from the word “servant” which is the root of serving and “Dalem” which means the internal.
Abdi itself is divided into two, namely Kaprajan and Punakawan. Abdi Dalem Kaprajan have a degree or a higher caste thanPunakawan.
Keprajan, usually served on the official or government agency. Punakawan served in the palace called keraton.
Abdi Dalem is considered that Sultan is God’s representative on earth, so that a form of devotion to the Sultan is voluntary. Their hope is happiness to him and his descendants.

Abdi dalem who brought tea and food have a different nickname.

  • Abdi dalem, who is at the forefront as an umbrella carrier called Songsong.
  • Abdi Dalem in charge brought klemuk or Kendi of copper as a water well from Ward Patehan called Klemuk.
  • Abdi Dalem who were in the next line called Sebintang , who brought the tray containing the contents 2 of the white cloth that covered.
  • Abdi Dalem fourth behind Sebintang carry two pot containing coffee in white cloth that covered too.
  • Abdi Dalem is in the last line of duty brought a kettle of hot water. In the tradition of this Patehan, men use surjan and women use kemben.

Tea served with fragrant jasmine that is brewed in a poci and served with rock sugar as a sweetener.

Sugar cubes can’t be stirred, just shaken a little teacup. The first time was on the tongue while drinking tea pot is astringent or bitter. Then, after the sugar cubes slowly dissolve, emerging sweetness. Apparently, it had the distinctive philosophy.

It is said that his philosophy: life is indeed bitter at first. If you want to be patient, then we get the sweetness.

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