I haven’t tasted all the flavors of her’s rengginang. But from the stories about many rengginang been made and orders continue to flow, I’am sure this woman is a great cooker, who is an asset. Rengginang is a kind of typical Indonesian thick crackers, made from rice or glutinous rice that’s dried by drying in […]

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Indonesia, a multicultural country has a rich culture that is still preserved. One of the royal culture is where I live, Yogyakarta. The king who is usually called Sultan, served by waitresses who called Abdi Dalem. “Abdi” derived from the word “servant” which is the root of serving and “Dalem” which means the internal. Abdi […]

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Animalism Routine

We know that it’s different from the routine of productivity. And sometimes, even though we keep pursuing “routine” for the sake of thought there by other people. When we are alone most understanding about what we are doing. understand that everything is destiny that gives options over the life of the more humanistic or semi […]

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