Boncel – How did they get here?

Somewhat surprising that the orphanage named Boncel, which last year I visit this well-preserved even I would have thought that this place is one of an elite Catholic school in the city center of Jakarta. There are several bed of iron lined. Baby in the room has air-conditioning, and not just anyone may enter. As the nursery at the hospital, there is a large window where one can see from the outside. Had I was stunned by the large windows, for whom the it is? The window appears to be prepared for visitors so they can see how institutions treat the baby. In the room there were about 22 babies of various ages. On average I see everything under 1 year of age .. In the room mounted radio, so there is some holding toddlers who dance to the rhythm box. There was a sudden cry and nurse with patient shoote the baby in a compassionate tone. So Pure!

How did they get here? These children have their own story. The story didn’t understand a lifetime.

Because the point where the baby was finally forced to give to the Boncel’s place is a result and a point of conclusion. A story in which hundreds of problems solved by selfishness.

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